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Deliver 67% more coaching sessions in the same amount of time


Reduce administrative and coaching costs by over 30% without losing quality


Improve your health program participant completion rate by 112%

For more than 20 years Avidon Health has delivered proven technologies and content used by some of the country’s leading healthcare organizations to change unhealthy behaviors for good.  

Now is an opportunity to gain access to the industry's leading coaching solution so that you can save administrative time while automating your participants' wellness journey.  

Manage health journeys
Track notes, set goals, oversee health data, and message from one centralized dashboard.
Automate engagement
Automate personalized emails, SMS, and task reminders so you can reduce administrative overhead and maximize your digital coaching capabilities.
Automate engagement
Manage experience flows
Customize care paths

Personalize care paths using your curriculum and content plus the digital coaching technology of Engagement Rx (trackers, messaging, to-do’s, and more).

Scale your business
Engagement Rx was designed to maximize coaching efficiency and provide a sophisticated user experience sought after by your clients.
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"We switched to Avidon for the health coaching
component of our client wellness programming at
the beginning of 2021 and the impact has been
significant. Costs for the coaching went down by
almost 30% while the number of coaching sessions
delivered increased more than 60%." 



Sr. Wellness Consultant | Insurance

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