Reach more people with Microlearning 

Research-driven content delivered in bite-sized lessons to promote the adoption of behaviors that improve health and wellness.


Microlearning: Designed for the new way people learn


for the way people learn


on any web-connected device


research-driven content

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Health and wellness courses can only help if people take them 

Some people experience barriers that prevent them from engaging in traditional digital courses. Learning styles, education levels, and even computer access vary.

On top of that, the digital age has changed how people process information. Research shows that most adult learners lose concentration and interest after just 10 minutes!

If you have a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering health and wellness content, chances are you aren’t reaching everyone.

Decades of course expertise,
now with a new approach

Microlearning Courses are based on the same high-quality,
research-driven content as traditional courses. It’s the delivery that’s different.

Bite-Sized Lessons

Microlearning courses break information down into brief, digestible lessons.

Engaging Content

Lessons use a blend of education, storytelling, and best practices to drive behavior change.

Flexible Learning

Participants can take the courses at any time, at any pace, on any web-connected device. 


The courses are more accessible

  • Modules only take about 5 minutes to complete.
  • Lessons are self-paced.
  • Content is written at a 6th-grade reading level.

The content is built for engagement

  • Lessons use a blend of education and storytelling.
  • Videos, articles, and evaluations create interactivity.

The goal is mastery

  • Automated reminders and check-ins keep participants on track.
  • Email, text, and chat help participants achieve mastery of the content.

Microlearning Courses make learning easy with short, do-able modules


Here are some examples of the types of microlearning courses we provide. 


Healthy Weight Course

Equip participants with the information that enables them to reach and maintain a healthy weight.


Nutrition Course

Educate participants about nutrition so they can make dietary decisions that improve overall health.


Stress 101

Educate participants about the importance of stress management and provide a wide range of practical and simple ways to combat stress on a daily basis.


Advanced Stress Management

Provide a stress management methodology that enables the creation of new, empowering ways to respond to stressful situations.

Microlearning Courses powered by Engagement Rx®

Our upgraded platform offers a "no-code" Course Builder for the rapid assembly of new content, providing the framework for the Microlearning experience.

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